RPC containers

The most advanced solutions for packing, storage, and display of products ready for immediate sale. It facilitates the manipulation with the supply delivery to shops because the containers and baskets are compatible. It accelerates and simplifies unloading in the shop, it does not require arduous restocking of products, you just simply swap an empty container for a loaded one. 

It minimizes the refilling of products in racks and retail costs and increases sales; the logistics is very elegant: assembling and stocking enable saving costs for the transport back to the supplier. The units are durable, easy to clean, designed for multiple uses, fully collapsible (one onto another) and retractable (one into another) … and many, many other advantages.

The use of the containers and of the complete system will reward you with significant savings on single-use packaging materials, and it will decrease the costs for restocking by as much as 60%. Products will be better visible and more easily accessible, which will result in increased sales.

This provides better protection for the products; therefore, fewer damaged and unsellable products. The products can be then better displayed thanks to the attractive wooden design, as well as better advertised. Using the container system allows a more efficient usage of the truck space and accelerates the work in the distribution centre. And to be even more environmentally friendly, consider renting them out.

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