Production of parts


We can mill atypic shapes, arches, grooves on blinds, etc.


We edge ABS edges, AIRTEC edges, veneers, etc.


Formatting of components up to 85mm in thickness, with maximum dimension of 5.6m.


Drilling holes for pegs, confirmat screws, excentre fittings, curtains, etc.

Our production

The entire production process and the company’s know-how guarantee the use of the highest quality production technologies in processing and treating timber and wood.

Using the first-class brand equipment (e.g. HOMAG) ensures flexibility and the highest quality standards of the processing of large-area materials. Thanks to the reliability of brand technologies, we can greatly contribute to your production programme. 

This is because the production technology automatization is a key factor in the simplification of complex production processes.

Premium results can be achieved in a short time provided that automatized production processes are set correctly; therefore, we are able to offer our clients a set of affordable prices for the final production of office or household furniture, as well as complex systems or home accessories.

Overview of machinery for parts production

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