Focus on sustainable development!

Our company understands “sustainability” not only in terms of a development satisfying the needs of the current and future clients, but also as an aggregate of social, economic, and ecological aspects.

The direction of our activities and our values contribute to the sustainable development. Our company works on minimizing environmental impacts, ensuring good working conditions for its employees, and respecting the good business ethics.

Kocka s.r.o. is an ISO 14001-certified company to support environmental protection and prevention of pollution

We belong among the companies that proactively strive to improve their attitude towards the environmental protection. We also put emphasis on the compliance with the valid legislation requirements concerning the individual environmental elements.

Quality at Kocka s.r.o.

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The entire production process as well as the know-how of KOCKA s.r.o. guarantee the use of high-quality production technologies. Our main production material is wood, which is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendliest materials available.

We carefully select our suppliers, and we use only the wood originating from responsibly managed sources, i.e. FSC-certified forests. We are fully aware of our obligations stemming from wood import and logging.

FSC Certification

  • Certification FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) -FCS (chain of custody) certification we are accredited for one of the world’s best recognized certifications ensuring the sustainability of fragile forest ecosystems.
  • Our company uses only FSC-certified wood for production, and our business is environmentally, economically, and socially responsible.

We use first-class brand equipment (e.g. HOMAG) in the processing and treatment of wood, thereby assuring flexibility and high standards of processing, while producing minimum waste. The automatization of processing technologies provides for the simplification of complex production processes. Correctly set production processes enable us to achieve premium and affordable results in a short time.

Cost-saving products with a long lifespan offer smarter solutions for every customer.


ISO 9001 certification of quality

We offer high quality products, thus proving our capacity of a long-term reliable partner in business. Our quality system management focuses on customer satisfaction and the meeting of their requirements and expectations, as well as on continuous improvements.

Safety at Kocka s.r.o.

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Our highest priority lies in ensuring safety, individual development, and the overall health of our employees, suppliers, and partners. Therefore, we provide working conditions complying with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our business and supply chains are based on high standards of ethical trading. We are a reliable partner.

ISO 45001 certification of safety

We make sure that any potential risks at a workplace are identified. Our workplaces are managed to minimize all possible damages to our staff’s health and all the consequences related thereto. We emphasize prevention and the predictability of dangerous situations for the people present at the workplace during any activity related to the operation of the company. 

Environmental protection

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Our company employs a production process that does not impact the environmental quality. In order to achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible, we terminated our power supply contract with ZSE, and we purchase electricity from the company Elgas. The green energy that they supply, comes exclusively from energetically renewable sources. This way we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We believe that environmental protection must be preserved, or else improved. It is one of the elements needed to achieve sustainable development. Therefore, we carefully separate paper and plastic waste, and give it a second chance.

Nobody doubts that recycling is beneficial for all of us. It helps reducing the consumption of natural raw materials, reducing the amounts of waste on landfills and of energy consumption, and creating new jobs.

Production waste goes into our chipper right away. It is subsequently burned and used as biofuel. We constantly adapt to changes, and our goal is to use more renewable and recyclable materials and to reduce waste. 

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