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Kocka s.r.o. provides solutions in the production and supply of different types of furniture: shops, restaurants, households, company interiors, and office furniture. In particular, we specialize in the production of custom-made furniture for local and foreign customers. Our production plant is fully equipped, and its capacity adequately satisfies the needs of even the most demanding clients.

The ISO 9001:2001 Quality Certificate is a reward reflecting our rich experience in production, as well as the high quality of processing different materials.

We constantly strive to improve, so we offer a wide range of services based on the demand of our clients – transport, warranty and post-warranty support, consulting, and professional assembly services.

Our highest priority lies in investments into the modernization of our machinery and the skills of our staff, whereby assuring the highest quality of our products, as well as the satisfaction of our clients.


We can mill atypic shapes, arches, grooves on blinds, etc.


We edge ABS edges, AIRTEC edges, veneers, etc.


Formatting of components up to 85mm in thickness, with maximum dimension of 5.6m.


Drilling holes for pegs, confirmat screws, excentre fittings, curtains, etc.


Our company understands “sustainability” not only in terms of a development satisfying the needs of the current and future clients, but also as an aggregate of social, economic, and ecological aspects.

The direction of our activities and our values contribute to the sustainable development. Our company works on minimizing environmental impacts, ensuring good working conditions for its employees, and respecting the good business ethics.

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